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The Story So Far

I bet you're all wondering how on earth this eeny weeny little brand was formed and how long it's been knocking about for! Well, here goes...

Veronica Velveteen was created by me, my name is Fern I was born in '95 and I live in Bournemouth (the sometimes sunny south of England) I graduated from a degree in fashion design from AUB in 2018 all the while dealing with very bad fibromylgia and other health issues. I always knew fashion was what I wanted to do but also knew that the fashion industry was not for me. 

I launched Veronica Velveteen in 2018 on etsy from a bag of donated vintage fabrics and about 50 quids worth of trimmings from the local haberdashery. My absolute aim and passion in life is to create an affordable and accesible alternative to fast fashion. I reached out to local independant fabric sellers and struck up deals to buy up unwanted, deadstock and spoiled fabrics that I could transform into beautiful and unique pieces deserving of love. 

Veronica Velveteen Lingerie was born a year later and I fell head over heels for designing, making and creating beautiful undergarments. Since 2019 I have expanded size ranging to over 40 cup sizes, offer custom sizing and have pushed my desiging to exciting new levels! I've got a long way to go yet, I want to expand my sizing range and offer specialist products to every body so thank you so much for sticking around and making this all a reality xxx